RS-P | Ultra-Soft Intimate Hygiene Gel


Discover RS-P® the ultra-soft intimate hygiene gel

Created in Switzerland, RS-P® Ultra-soft has a unique formula that took 3 years of medically supervised research. RS-P® offers maximum RESPECT to the most sensitive parts of your body while guaranteeing perfect hygiene.

Unlike others, the RS-P® formula does not contain soap, paraben, or any harsh detergents like laureth sulfate. We also do not use preservatives or colors.

Intended for intimate hygiene, RS-P® is also recommended for people with fragile skin or prone to irritations and mycoses. It cleans and freshens all parts of the body without drying or irritating your most sentitive area. It thus contributes to the help maintain your natural defenses against fungal and bacterial infections with its optimal 5.5 pH that respects the natural balance of your vaginal flora.

RS-P® Ultra-Soft gel is sold on our webshop or at your local pharmacy.

Pharmacy can order RS-P® at Galexis or Amedis (pharmacode = 2016399)